Make your paper form intelligent

How it works

The digital pen that automates processes

OL Capture combines Objectif Lune's PlanetPress workflow automation tool with Anoto's digital pen making it possible to automate paper based processes such as signing a contract or a bill of lading.

How it works

Can't go paperless? Capture is for you!

  • Trigger document workflows from signed paper

  • Digital pen and paper means no more scanning

  • Synchronize over your mobile device

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A digital pen meant to fit into any organization

Connects to any system

Capture acts as a connector to any system, just plug and go! Start taking and storing information from your systems and create workflows that you need. Yes, that also means any legacy systems.

Minimal changes

Go on, take that coffee break. Adding Capture zones link your forms to your systems. These zones can be added to your existing forms and voila a process that's as easy to use as pen and paper (because it is) but smarter.

Fast adoption rate

Easy to gain buy-in from your staff because there is no change in the way they work. The only thing they have to get used to is the size of the Anoto Digital Pen. (1 cm in width)

Low total cost of ownership

Automation doesn’t require teams of programmers and high tech devices to work. It's easy to implement so you can learn and adjust to your changing needs.

Want to speed up your pen and paper based processes?

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Learn how Capture digital pen works

Capture is powered by PlanetPress.

PlanetPress is Objectif Lune's flagship product that supercharges your output capabilities by optimizing your document production and distribution.

PlanetPress website

2013 Quick Printing Readersʼ Choice Top Products Awards

Print Service Providers voted for the products they thought had the strongest impact on their businesses or created the most excitement in the industry choose among products launched between September 2011 and December 2012. Guess what... OL Capture won

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