Make your paper form intelligent

Capture data on your existing paper forms

Turn your paper forms into e-forms and trigger a document workflow upon signature of a document.

Setup once

Add data capture zones

Data capture zones turn your paper into digital input devices or e-forms. It's like putting brain on paper. These patterned zones are unique and link to individual entities that connect to any of your systems which makes each document you print unique.

Setup your automated document workflows

Set up automated document workflows with data captured from your digital pen as a trigger. The drag and drop interface makes it easy to gain full control over your document workflows to change them as you wish.

Run forever

Print your documents

Just hit print. No special order paper, no special printer, and no need to call Peter from IT. Just print the new forms when you need. Using the Capture software, pages will even print faster on your normal printer.

Use your forms as if Capture was not there

Complete the document. Dock your Anoto Pen or sync via mobile device. The data gets sent securely immediately to your systems to get processed. You can leave the document with your customer, on the pallet, or use it to play hacky sac. It doesn't matter because all the information is stored into your system upon sending.

Capture document workflow diagram

Yes, you read right. Your paper gets smart, allowing you to start business processes anywhere. Here's a picture to show you just how simple the process is.

Download the diagram (pdf)

Want your paper to have brains?

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