Make your paper form intelligent

Built to fit your systems

Made with open architecture to enable connectivity to any system.

Open architecture

We make it easy for you to stay or leave. You are not tied down to a specific product and not limited in future projects. Capture works with any product you need while letting you remain confident that they will perform optimally together.

8 languages available

Work comfortably and efficiently. No need to struggle reading an unfamiliar language. Choose the languages you would like your interface to talk to you.

Languages Available: Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Great connectivity

Capture can connect to any system that generates print output. For example, Capture can take information from:

ERP: SAP, IFS, Dynamics.
Accounting systems: Great Plains, JD Edwards.
Databases: CRM, Oracle, Access, SQL.
EDM: Sharepoint, LaserFiche.
Operating systems: AS/400, Unix, Windows

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